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ServiceNow Performance and SLA Monitoring with Datadog

September 29, 2021|3 Min Read

Many companies have switched to PaaS and SaaS solutions in order to minimize the resources and effort expended monitoring and investing in infrastructure - but for solutions like ServiceNow, where the platform has the potential to be massively extendable and customizable, problems can arise outside of standard datacenter maintenance handled by the cloud provider. 

For example, say a custom application developed for your platform has a memory leak that is causing thousands of SQL queries to execute per minute - this can easily cause a servlet node to be degraded, or even to go down, severely impacting the users that are logged into that servlet; and diagnosing and resolving the issue with ServiceNow support can be a lengthy process without the proper information as to what may be causing the issue. The ServiceNow integration I wrote for Datadog works by polling each instance servlet for memory usage, transaction errors, semaphore status, and client response time in order to diagnose the health of every node attached to your instance, empowering you with real-time performance monitoring and the knowledge to work with ServiceNow support to quickly resolve an issue.

In addition to the performance monitoring, the ServiceNow integration also comes with an ITSM dashboard, providing critical incident data from ServiceNow directly within Datadog dashboards for operational teams. This can serve not only as a central hub for incident management, but the included metrics and widgets can supplement other dashboards by providing service outage insight to other service monitoring dashboards.


ServiceNow Performance Dashboard

ServiceNow Performance Dashboard

The ServiceNow Performance dashboard gives an overview of key metrics that are collected from each ServiceNow cluster node. The dashboard can be broken down and filtered by instance, as well as by node, which is critical as performance issues can often hit one node at a time.

ServiceNow Performance Dashboard

ServiceNow ITSM Dashboard

ServiceNow ITSM Dashboard

The ITSM dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the overall health of your company's Business Services. Key metrics such as incident resolution time, response time, as well as SLA breaches, are provided in a simple, easy to deduce manner. A complete list of open incidents, sorted by age, are provided along with the incident number, assignment group, assignee, and caller. 

Add ServiceNow to your Monitored Services

Our ServiceNow integration for the Datadog marketplace adds this critical PaaS tool to your Datadog toolkit. As ServiceNow is quickly becoming an essential tool tied into several different facets of organizations, it is critical to have it as a part of any monitoring solution.

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