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SNMP Trap Translation with RapDev’s SNMP Integration

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is anything but simple. Engineers deal with outdated MIB files, different SNMP versions, licensing issues, and other challenges to translate SNMP data for use in modern monitoring tools. The biggest headache of all — handling SNMP traps, or alerts from SNMP-enabled devices.

Make SNMP messages readable

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How our SNMP Traps Datadog integration works

The Datadog SNMP integration sets up an SNMP trap receiver in Logstash that forwards SNMP messages as logs to Datadog. These logs are transformed into human-readable messages using Datadog’s built-in log parsing capabilities. This includes swapping host IP addresses for host names and remapping log fields to the relevant trap fields.

How it works

RapDev’s SNMP Traps Integration

Digestible SNMP trap messages

Our SNMP Traps Integration includes over 12,000 MIB files to translate trap events from nearly any SNMP device into a more accessible format. 

1. Typical SNMP Trap Event
2. Translated Trap Event

Headache-free SNMP monitoring

The complexity of thousands of proprietary MIB files – each containing different OIDs or data points – makes SNMP monitoring difficult. Our SNMP Traps integration simplifies the translation of these complicated SNMP trap messages into readable Datadog logs.

1. Typical Log Page
2. Translated Log Page

Log-based alerts 

Use your translated messages to create log-based alerts in Datadog and monitor the events your SNMP devices are experiencing. With the greater visibility into your datacenter hardware, you’ll be able to prevent and remediate issues faster.

Even more in-depth SNMP monitoring

You can combine the SNMP Traps integration with our SNMP Profiles integration for easier, more in-depth SNMP monitoring capabilities. We’ve pre-defined SNMP profiles for dozens of popular device manufacturers so you can quickly begin monitoring all of your SNMP-enabled hardware.

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