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Seamlessly Integrate GitHub Actions with ServiceNow

GitHub Actions is a popular DevOps tool for implementing automated CI/CD pipelines because it’s developer-friendly and easy to adopt for software teams that already have existing GitHub repositories. But until recently, ServiceNow didn’t support GitHub Actions. That’s where RapDev comes in.

Ready to streamline DevOps change management?

How it works

Improve DevOps pipeline visibility

By integrating the ServiceNow DevOps module with GitHub Actions, you’ll know how many pipelines you have, when they started, and what artifacts are moving through them. You’ll also be able to track how many stages, jobs, and tasks your pipelines have and many other valuable insights about your GitHub Actions workflows. This level of visibility into your software development and delivery processes within ServiceNow is crucial for bridging the DevOps gap.

Automate change management requests

ServiceNow change requests are a necessary evil for many development teams — they can improve software quality, but manual approval processes can also slow development. Our GitHub Actions integration automatically opens a change request at the end of a pipeline and populates the necessary information for review. By reducing the manual effort involved with change requests, you can achieve faster release cycles while still managing risk.

Implement ChatOps for GitHub Actions

RapDev’s ChatOps Bot can integrate with the ServiceNow DevOps module to deliver notifications for change requests created by the GitHub Actions integration directly to Microsoft Teams or Slack. This allows approvers to view and respond to change requests without logging in to the ServiceNow platform, which often leads to faster approval times.

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