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Monitor Legacy Infrastructure with RapDev’s Solaris Agent for Datadog

For risk-averse organizations using Solaris for their enterprise operating system, our Datadog Solaris Agent enables comprehensive monitoring of your servers. This ensures engineers and admins are able to proactively uncover issues and prevent unnecessary downtime.

It's more than an agent integration – it IS an agent

How it works

RapDev’s Solaris Agent Integration

Solaris system monitoring within Datadog

Monitor Solaris system metrics, process checks, and log tails using Datadog server monitoring. Our Solaris Agent supports Solaris 10 and 11, along with SPARC and i86pc architectures. The agent uses the default Solaris Perl system distribution, which simplifies installation and compatibility with no additional dependencies required. 

The Solaris Agent generates the host metadata to support the Datadog Infrastructure List, with the same URLs and ports as the native agents.

Custom dashboards, alerts, and reporting

Develop data-driven load distribution maps with real-time visibility into server resource utilization such as CPU load, memory usage, and network interface traffic. Apart from proactive monitoring, the Solaris Agent integration also alerts you when critical thresholds for load processing are crossed.

Built for enterprise-level needs

The Solaris Agent for Datadog is developed to monitor organization-wide usage and performance of your Solaris servers. Application and resource managers can monitor health and performance statistics for all servers in real-time to minimize downtimes arising from server-level issues.

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