ITOM Optimization

ServiceNow enables successful IT operations management (ITOM) by predicting and preventing issues before they impact users. As a module, ServiceNow ITOM applications can provide the automation your organization needs to manage cloud workflows and resources.

Get the most out of your ServiceNow ITOM modules

The problem

ServiceNow excels in interacting with and managing multi-cloud architecture. Pulling data from different tools within the infrastructure, however, can result in incomplete data and technical debt.

Many teams try to outsource the clean-up process, but most end up leaving inactive, irrelevant data that slows down their pipelines.

The solution

With our ServiceNow ITOM Optimization offerings, we empower you to fully leverage your integrations and tools. 

The result: streamlined usage of ServiceNow and better data management. When you can rely on the data at your fingertips, you can trust your infrastructure is running optimally.  


Automated monitoring for ephemeral workloads

Step 1

Establish a single source of truth

Modern technology stacks are built on API integrations and automations. ServiceNow is no different. Its ITOM optimization modules are designed to create a single gateway for engineers and developers. This is accomplished via integration with an API, or command-line interface.  

The result of this single gateway: better visibility into your infrastructure and services. When optimized, ServiceNow ITOM can help:

  • Improve cloud utilization
  • Reduce costs
  • Automate the change request/approval process
  • Support governance. 

RapDev helps teams realize all of these benefits and more.

Step 2

Interface with any open source tool sets

Our team specializes in ensuring that ServiceNow can interface with a multi-cloud architecture and multiple infrastructure as code (IaC) tools. We work with clients to understand their unique needs and usage of the ServiceNow platform. 

Then, we ensure that the developers can utilize ServiceNow to interface with any of the DevOps open source tool sets they’re using. This includes sharing our in-depth knowledge of how automation stacks like Terraform, Ansible, and Rundeck interact with ServiceNow.

Step 3

Optimize your ITOM

Our team has completed hundreds of successful ServiceNow deployments. When deploying the ServiceNow ITOM Optimization module, our agile implementation approach has helped our clients in a variety of scenarios. This includes unique situations such as: 

  • Front-ending a multi-cloud application stack request through ServiceNow to Terraform
  • Building and issuing a CLI command to ServiceNow to provision and deprovision application stacks in multi-cloud environments

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