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Automate Reporting Processes With RapDev’s PDF Reporter Integration for Datadog

Datadog is full of critical information about the health and performance of an organization’s infrastructure, but not everyone spends their day inside the platform. DevOps teams looking to share key insights from Datadog often have to create the reports themselves — a manual process that keeps organizations from implementing changes quickly and efficiently.

Ready to streamline your reporting?


Automatically capture reports of Datadog dashboards

Our PDF Reporter integration for Datadog lets you automate your entire reporting process. You can select dashboards, as well as recipients and how frequently you’d like them to receive the report. Whether it’s weekly capacity planning or reviewing SLAs on a monthly basis, our integration can automatically generate and deliver PDF reports directly to any email inbox.


RapDev’s PDF Reporter Integration

Step 1: Enable the PDF Reporter integration

Enable the PDF Reporter integration through the Datadog Marketplace, and set up an account. Once you’ve registered, integration is quick and easy to set up, so you’ll be up and running in no time. 

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Step 2: Start a new report

Begin generating reports by selecting both private and public Datadog dashboards to be sent as PDFs to any number of recipients. There's no limit to how many reports you can generate and send with our integration. One monthly fee provides unlimited reporting for your entire organization.

Step 3: Set each report’s send interval

After you’ve confirmed which dashboard the report is pulling from and who is receiving it, you can set the delivery interval to hourly, daily, weekly, month, or any other customized time frame.

Step 4: Review your reports!

The email addresses you specified will receive the reports at the scheduled times. The report will be a PDF attachment that can be viewed on any device. When it’s time to change or discontinue a report, simply access the report that you’d like to delete or change in the dashboard and adjust accordingly.

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