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Improve Zoom Call Quality with RapDev’s Zoom Monitoring Integration

We know that Zoom is an essential part of most organizations’ communication toolbox. The increasing reliance on video conferencing means that Zoom downtime or poor Zoom call quality can not only frustrate employees, but also hinder productivity. IT teams need a way to get ahead of Zoom issues to ensure seamless communication for users.

Ready to maximize Zoom uptime and enhance call quality?  

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How our Zoom Datadog integration works

Once you enable the Zoom integration through the Datadog Marketplace, you’ll see pre-configured, customizable Datadog dashboards for high-level insights, call quality, geolocation, and rooms. 

How it works

RapDev’s Zoom Integration

Track and respond to critical changes

With Datadog’s alerts and notifications, you’ll know immediately when there’s a critical change in your Zoom infrastructure. This allows you to efficiently investigate and respond to potential issues before users are impacted. For example, you’ll be notified of a Zoom performance issue (like a device’s Zoom speaker not working) along with what caused the issue.

Access usage statistics

Our pre-configured Zoom dashboards track usage statistics like users, meetings, and meeting participants. You can see the total number of messages, calls, images, and emojis sent and received over Zoom. This usage data helps you understand where you might need to invest more in your communication infrastructure to deliver better service quality to users.

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