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Automate ServiceNow Discovery Configuration with RapDev’s Infoblox Integration

At RapDev, we’re all about accelerating the time to value for customers adopting the ServiceNow platform. That’s why we built an Infoblox integration that automatically pulls the relevant IP data for configuring ServiceNow Discovery.

Automatically Configure ServiceNow Discovery with Infoblox IP Subnet Data

How it works

Quick Installation

The integration takes just minutes to configure after you’ve installed it. By navigating to the properties page of the Infoblox integration in ServiceNow, you’ll be able to input your Infoblox details to set up the connection. You can connect directly to Infoblox from ServiceNow or leverage a ServiceNow MID Server.

There are also options to manually limit the IP ranges pulled from Infoblox, create an “unknown locations” range set for subnets that don’t have a group attribute specified, and much more. If applicable, the integration can also create ServiceNow Discovery Schedules for IP ranges.

Gather Infoblox Ranges

Once the integration is set up, ServiceNow Discovery will be able to create and maintain IP ranges and schedules automatically based on network changes within Infoblox. It works by running the “Gather Infoblox Ranges” script to gather IP subnets from Infoblox and then dynamically creating range sets.

Infrastructure visibility

Since the integration can pull updated IP ranges from Infoblox before Discovery scans your networks, you’ll have a more accurate picture of your entire infrastructure. With the Infoblox integration, therefore, you’ll be able to stay on top of your ephemeral IT infrastructure much more easily and make the most of the ServiceNow ITOM module.

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