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now.yaml Integration for Microservice Registration

Traditionally, the service map building process for microservices has been time-consuming and required working with a centralized ServiceNow administration team or configuration management team. RapDev's now.yaml integration helps you get visibility into your services, applications, and the pods and namespaces that run them so you can monitor the health of your services more effectively and efficiently.

Registering microservices in ServiceNow is tedious. Ready to automate it?


Use the now.yaml template to build a base file to be included in your future microservice metadata bundle. Enter your microservice metadata into the now.yaml, including:

  • Tags
  • Images
  • Owners
  • Any other non-technical metadata ServiceNow users may find helpful. 

ServiceNow then ingests and parses this data to dynamically generate service maps, business services, and technical services. This information is further leveraged by the Discovery and DevOps modules to map deployments, pipeline runs, and artifacts to pods in the configuration management database (CMDB).

The infrastructure and cloud services relationships are generated and associated automatically based on the tags and tag groups defined in now.yaml.

Automated Service Provisioning

now.yaml can also be leveraged to handle service map dependencies using tag-based service mapping, allowing you to pre-populate tag groups with contextualized organizational data. This makes deploying service maps exponentially simpler and scalable, with no overhead for your ServiceNow administrators.

Stay CSDM compliant

Our now.yaml solution is Common Service Data Model (CSDM) compliant, so you can also use it to enable service reporting and ensure your applications and services are properly modeled in ServiceNow. The solution is flexible and can be set up based on your CSDM maturity.

Add a Fargate Front-End Microservice

Suppose you’re adding a microservice hosted on AWS Fargate, which is tied to Insights Operator and a data lake API. You can specify the tags for the reporter and data lake API, making the data lake API and web reporter visible in the ServiceNow map and tying the business application service to the service account. 

If an application service is defined in the now.yaml file, you have the option by default to create that application service and tie it to the business application. 

Let us help you optimize your ServiceNow implementation today. 

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