Modern CloudOps

Maximize your IT operations management with RapDev's Modern CloudOps for ServiceNow ITOM - real-time visibility, intelligent automation, and streamlined reporting for enhanced business agility and better customer experiences.

Get the most out of your ServiceNow ITOM Visibility

The problem

Poor visibility and management of complex IT infrastructure hinders business agility and causes service degradation for customer-impacting events.

In addition to slowed down engineering teams and processes, engineering leaders find it challenging to gain insights on service delivery inefficiencies, infrastructure issues, or forecast needs due to disconnected tooling or poor visibility.

The solution

RapDev's Modern CloudOps offering helps organizations gain visibility into their business services and underlying IT landscape while allowing them to remediate issues before they impact service availability.

The solution addresses gaps in in-house knowledge and expertise and enables customers to leverage ServiceNow's Discovery to automatically map applications, services, hardware, and other devices to transform their CMDB, allowing for the easy addition and connection of more products across the digital lifecycle.

ServiceNow Modern CloudOps

AI-powered service operations for cloud-native workloads

Step 1

now.yaml for CSDM-compliant service-mapping

RapDev's now.yaml solution simplifies the microservices registration process by allowing developers to interact directly with ServiceNow through Git commits in their native developer tools.

By using the now.yaml template to build a base file with microservice metadata, including tags, images, owners, and other non-technical metadata, ServiceNow dynamically generates service maps, business services, and technical services saving valuable developer time and eliminating the need for centralized administration or configuration management teams.

Step 2

Use event-based discovery to stay on top of your cloud assets  

Customers can now discover and manage their business services and underlying IT infrastructure - on-prem, cloud, virtualized, and server-less environments, from a single location.

By leveraging event-based discovery, you can ensure that you have real-time access to your CMDB, immediate access to new CIs for incidents and events, and always up-to-date service maps. Our team of experts can help you deploy event management to leverage external monitoring tools and other IT systems and applications to identify patterns and trends. The module creates alerts or incidents based on defined rules and thresholds, which in turn triggers automated workflows to resolve incidents and minimize downtime.

Step 3

Gain proactive & intelligent remediation using Agent Client Collector

By identifying and resolving issues before they occur, customers can deliver better service experiences and reduce downtime. With shortened recovery times, developers can quickly implement solutions based on insights.

By using ACC to send output data to the ServiceNow instance via the MID Server and store events and metrics in the relevant database, organizations can reduce the total Time to Recovery (TTR) by:
- Auto-remediating alerts within minutes of their generation
- Preventing over-allocation of resources by setting defined limits and thresholds
- Minimizing human intervention and toil by automating the alert remediation process

RapDev’s approach to proactive remediation enables organizations to maintain system uptime and deliver uninterrupted service to their users, while freeing up your engineers to focus on higher value tasks.

Step 4

Use ChatOps for major incident management

RapDev’s ChatOps provides an efficient and streamlined approach to handling critical issues. With the use of platforms such as Slack and ServiceNow Operator Workspace, incident managers no longer have to log in to ServiceNow to interact with and manage incidents. Developers can troubleshoot from outside of ServiceNow, enabling them to quickly address issues without the need for additional logins or navigation.

Additionally, ChatOps allows for dynamic notifications to be sent to customers during outages, while internal communication and SLA management can be handled through platforms such as Slack, MS Teams, and ServiceNow Operator Workspace. This approach ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed and up-to-date on the status of the incident, without requiring them to log in to multiple systems.

Step 5

Streamline data reporting & accessibility

RapDev’s tailored Modern CloudOps implementations provide accurate mapping of service and device dependencies, making business-critical data accessible to everyone who requires it through dashboards and regular reporting. This allows engineering teams to gain powerful insights to drive better resource utilization, reduce infrastructure spending, and mitigate risk more effectively.


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