Tagging Strategy

RapDev is a trusted Datadog partner with an engineering team that has experience working with a wide range of customers to create scalable tagging strategies. We can help you discover the tags that will give you the most impactful insights from your Datadog monitoring efforts.

Increase infrastructure visibility with an effective tagging strategy

The problem

A sound tagging strategy is key to the success of any cloud transformation, regardless of the tools and platforms chosen by your company.

Tags are a powerful way to correlate data across your infrastructure so that you can generate insights for both business and engineering teams. Knowing which tags are important, which are mandatory, and which are nice to have, will make your cloud journey infinitely more scalable across all modern platforms your team adopts. 

The solution

Our engineers have years of experience in advising customers on which tags are important, how to use them, and how to automatically generate and consume them.

Manually creating tags is one of the biggest mistakes customers make in their journey into the cloud, and our team is experienced in guiding customers through the challenges of automating tag creation using cloud templates. 


RapDev’s comprehensive Datadog offerings

Step 1

Datadog Tagging Strategy Workshop

During our remote tagging strategy workshop, we’ll help you identify and create new tags that will help you consume the metrics most relevant to your business.

Datadog Quickstart Workshop

Step 2

Our two-day, on-site quickstart workshops can give your team the knowledge they need to more effectively implement Datadog. Your organization can get some quick wins that jumpstart your monitoring efforts.

Datadog Implementation Services

Step 3

RapDev offers multi-stage Datadog implementation services for efficiently deploying monitoring across both cloud and on-premise infrastructure. With the help of RapDev engineers, you’ll be able to accelerate your rollout to quickly gain comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure.

Datadog Integrations

Step 4

The Datadog platform offers over 400 out-of-the-box integrations, but RapDev has uncovered some gaps through working with our customers. That’s why we’ve built many Datadog integrations ourselves, including SNMP Profiles, Office365, Zoom, Solaris, Nutanix, and more. We’re continually developing new integrations to maximize the value of the platform for our customers and the Datadog community.


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